Zugang zu sauberem Wasser, sanitären Einrichtungen und Hygiene in der Region Menabe in Madagaskar

Zweckmässigkeit des Projektes

Relevance for development and cooperation is given; the project area faces the problem of not having an adequate access to drinking water and sanitation by the population and fulfills the requirement declared in Goal VI of the Sustainable Development Goals, adopted by the UN Assembly in September 2015 within the post-2015 development agenda. Goal 6: “Ensure availability and sustainable management of water and sanitation for all”.

Angemessenheit der Projektziele

The objectives and indicators are „SMART“.


The implementation has been carefully investigated.

Erwartete Ergebnisse

The attended results should be achieved in the frame of the project, sustainability is given. The reduction of diarrhea is difficult to be measured, but improved access to drinking water and sanitation implemented together with hygiene promotion should improve the general health of the beneficiaries.

Chancen und Risiken

Risks have been evaluated. The question whether the beneficiaries are willing to pay for services remains open.

Verhältnis input / output

The relation I&O is adequate.


keine Angaben


After the required amendments the project can be accepted.

Zweitmeinung von

26.07.2016, Claudio Valsangiacomo, tel. 058 666 62 62.



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Organisation: Helvetas

Land: Madagaskar

Beginn: 2014

Ende: 2018

Stadt / Land: Dorf

Bemerkungen: Region Menabe, Distrikt Miandrivazo. Das Projekt arbeitet in der ersten Phase mit 3 Gemeinden zusammen

Anzahl Begünstigte: 16500 Personen

Geldbedarf: CHF 126'622

Restbetrag: CHF 126'622